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The Samsung Q1 was one of the world's first ultra-mobile PC when it launched in 2006.

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The Samsung Q1 was one of the world's first ultra-mobile PC when it launched in 2006. Since that time the Q1 has undergone various upgrades and minor modifications with the latest version running on Windows Vista as opposed to XP Tablet Edition. At its core the Q1 is a very small tablet laptop that emphasizes portability above all else. The touchscreen is 7" and runs at a native resolution of 800x480. There is a button that changes the resolution on the fly to 800x600 and 1024x6800 but these simply scale the image instead of increasing the actual resolution. The native resolution is adequate for most tasks and fits standard definition video perfectly.

Alongside the Windows software Samsung includes a bundle of programs suited towards the UMPC experience. One program is an embedded version of Windows that boots quickly and performs only basic multimedia tasks which lets you watch movies and listen to music without fully powering the system.

Samsung does not include a keyboard or mouse built in. Mouse functionality is accomplished through the touch screen, while virtual keyboard software is used for text entry. Scrolling is achieved through two independent scroll buttons. A button-wheel has four programmable buttons that can be used to launch programs or mimic key combinations such as ctrl-alt-delete.

Samsung Q1 (MFN: NP-Q1-V000)
  • Celeron M ULV (ultra low voltage) running at 900 Mhz
  • 40GB Hard Drive
  • 512MB RAM
  • B/G WiFi
  • Ethernet port
  • Compact Flash slot
  • Array mics
  • Bluetooth 2.0
Samsung Q1 SSD (MFN: NP-Q1-V004)
Exact same as the Q1 except the hard drive is replaced with a solid state version that increases battery life and performance. The price is also much higher.

Samsung Q1b (MFN: NP-Q1B-V000)
  • 30% brighter screen
  • 5 hour battery life (from 3 hours)
  • Celeron M at 1Ghz

Samsung Q1P (MFN: NP-Q1-F000)
  • Pentium M CPU at 1GHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • 60 GB hard drive
  • Windows Vista
In Spring 2007 Samsung released the Q1 Ultra which features a significant redesign and upgrade to the components.
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