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The Samsung 9 Series is a compact, lightweight 13.3” laptop released in 2011.

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runs on a powerful next-gen Intel Core i5 processor - significantly better performance than the competition

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includes a USB 3 port

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backlit keyboard

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very thin and lightweight - 2.89lbs, 0.68" thick

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mini-HDMI output

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up to 9 hours of battery life (claimed by Samsung)

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slick duralumin (aluminum alloy) body

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64 or 128GB solid state storage - considerably faster and more physically resilient than spinning disks

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display is extremely bright (400-nit), features a matte coating, excellent quality

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built-in subwoofer

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ambient light sensor for automatic display brightness adjustment

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distinct aesthetic - doesn't just look like a ripoff of the Air

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excellent trackpad and backlit keyboard combination - well designed, solid, and comfortable

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lower display resolution and poorer display aspect ratio than the competing Air (16:9 1366 x 768px vs 16:10 1400 x 900)

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expensive at $1600 (more than MacBook Air)

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battery is not user replaceable - sealed in the body

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ports aren't very accessible - flip down access ports much like the first gen MacBook Air, proprietary Ethernet jack requires a dongle

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no full-size SD card slot (only microSD card slot)

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glossy black plastic display bezel and keyboard tray

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The Samsung 9 Series is a compact, lightweight 13.3” laptop released in 2011. It is made from Duralumin, a premium material twice as strong as aluminum, yet no heavier than 3-lbs total. Featured is an Intel Core i5 1.4GHz CPU, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, and a 128GB solid state drive. As for the screen, it’s LED-backlit and capable of a 100,000:1 contrast ratio and 400-nit brightness. Plus it offers a 160-degree viewing angle for added convenience. Signature are the connectivity options, which include Wi-Fi, built-in WiMax, Bluetooth 3.0, Ethernet, HDMI, and USB. There is however no optical drive. Plus the graphics are restricted to integrated Intel. There are however power-saving batteries with a 6-hour lifespan, and a subwoofer.

  • Lightweight Laptop
  • Genuine Windows 7 CPU
  • Intel Core i5 2537M CPU
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • 13.3” HD LED-Backlit
  • Intel HD GT2 Graphics
  • 2 Stereo Speakers
  • 1.5W Subwoofer
  • Lithium Polymer Battery
  • WiFi/WiMax
  • Bluetooth
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Auto Adjusting Backlit Keyboard
  • Power-Efficient Lithium Polymer Batteries
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03/14/2011 10:17

How easily does it connect to a projector?

01/25/2011 12:11

is it fanless?i

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