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The Samsung NC10 offers a slightly higher specification than many of its competitors.

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>= 5hrs battery life reported by 'real world' reviews

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6-Cell Li-Ion battery included as standard.

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one of the nicest keyboards on a netbook to date

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Quick switch between power and quiet/power saving mode via the keyboard

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One of the best looking netbooks currently on the market in terms of design.

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Fully booted & ready to use in 40secs (both XP & Ubuntu)

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10.2" LCD display @ 1024 x 600

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enhanced version has claimed battery life of over 9 hours

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Particularly appealing 'Metallic-Paint-like' finish (Especially effective on blue & black models).

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solid & well built - compact but complete - great for transatlantic traveling

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Very stylish, light and robust design.

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More expensive than the MSI Wind and Lenovo S10

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Only Windows versions sold - i.e. No native Linux versions available !

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Screen hinges could be stiffer !

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Disappointing tracker pad - Quite difficult to operate !

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Screen has a patterned effect when viewed from close quarters.

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Anti-bacterial nano-silver coating on keyboard and palm rest may or may not be harmful. Not enough studies exist to find an answer, but authorities in various countries are considering regulating nano-particles until their effects are understood.

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Samsung is relatively new to the laptop scene

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The latest in a long line of netbooks to hit the market, the Samsung NC10 offers a slightly higher specification than many of its competitors and at a fairly attractive price too at $499 (329.99 GBP / 404.83 Euro) . The first NC10s began appearing in the United States, UK & Ireland, in November 2008. Only time will tell whether the build-quality is as good as its specifications. An enhanced version with larger trackpad an battery was released on March 7th 2009. This version of the netbook takes the Asus Eee PC 1000HE head on with an improved battery life of 9 hours, 40 minutes, however it cannot compare in price, demanding a rather steap $469 - almost $100 more than the Asus.

  • 10.2" Screen
  • 1.6GHz Atom Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 160GB HDD
  • 'Almost' full size keyboard
  • 6-cell battery with claimed time of 7hrs, enhanced version with larger battery increases this to 9hrs, 40 minutes
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11/30/2008 04:44

Managed to pip Yale to the post in adding this one to PW, because to my great surprise I managed to find one in stock at my local store - and it was even one of those cool funky blue ones too !!! Needless to say, I treated myself to an early Christmas present and snapped it up right away.
It really is a very good computer and the keyboard is nothing short of excellent. I cant wait for my next long journey as now I will have an easy way to entertain myself. So far nothing I have thrown at it has failed to work or load, and there are youtube videos of it running everything from Mac OS X, to GTA SA, so I cant wait to experiment.

I though it may be tricky to set up a XP/ubuntu dual boot on this machine, but it was frighteningly simple - Literally just pop in the ubuntu (8.10) disk and away you go ! On the first boot, a Samsung utility even asks you how you would like to partition your HDD in preparation for such a development - They must have guessed that there would be some Linux users out there would be tempted by this machine (Makes you wonder why they didn't offer a CHEAPER linux version doesn't it ?!?!)

Given some of the comments above, I am guessing that Samsung are relatively new to the US laptop market, but here in Europe they have been going for years and are generally considered to be a pretty acceptable brand - I just hope that this is true of the NC10 too - I guess only time will tell !

11/27/2008 07:26

Saw this netbook recently and was meaning to add it to PW. KDM beat me to it! Really nice keyboard... Hopefully it becomes available for a decent price. There is also the fact that Samsung is relatively new to the laptop/netbook game which worries me. Looks like they got a lot right so far!

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