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The Samsung T919 is a high-end smartphone.

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calls are clear and crisp on both sides

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packaging is designed perfectly to keep the phone safe while still being easy to open

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screen is bright and vibrant, easy to see in sunlight

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can easily customize the main screen with the icons and background you want

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Bluetooth connects quickly and provides a solid, reliable connection

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browser is very crude, anything that isn't specifically for mobile is almost impossible to view

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have to press firmly to make a selection on the touchscreen

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adding new apps doesn't appear to be an option

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battery doesn't last more than a day, can't ever miss charging it at night

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The Samsung T919 is a high-end smartphone. It is 3G-enabled, and uses a large touch screen for input and navigation. The screen is 3.0" diagonal, and has 256k-color display and acceleromter for autorotation. The screen also displays a full QWERTY touch keyboard for typing. The T919 has a 5.0-megapixel digital camera with autofocus and LED flash, as well as video capture and video calling. It has a built-in mp3 player as well as Microsoft Office document viewer. It uses customizable widgets that automatically update to display information from the Internet, which it can browse with an HTML browser. The T919 also has a GPS receiver, with network-dependent service options. Internal memory is 180MB, and the phone includes a microSD card slot which can expand memory up to 16 GB. Expected battery life is up to 5 hours of talk time per charge.

  • Release Date: November 2008
  • 3G UMTS 1700
  • 2G Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • 262k-color touch screen, 3.0" diagonal
  • Full QWERTY touchpad display
  • 5.0-megapixel digital camera with video capture, video calling, autofocus and LED flash
  • mp3 player
  • 180MB internal memory with microSD card slot up to 16GB
  • Bluetooth v2.0
  • HSDPA 3.6Mbps data transfer
  • HTML Internet browser
  • Customizable auto-updating widgets
  • Up to 5 hour talk time battery life
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Charles L. Mosher
06/20/2010 05:26

hi cell phone user's !! DOES, OR , DID THIS PHONE , COME WITH A LOADABLE ( TO A PC / LAPTOP ) SOFTWARE CD. ??? if so , where can I get a copy , or, who has a copy, that they can send / make , for me ?? I have a BLACKBERRY PEARL 8120 , and, even it came with a software C.D. !! that I did sync' to my P.C. !! how am I gonna sync' this phone , without it ?? PLEASE , someone school me , on this matter . THANK YOU , haul junk man , at , yahoo, dot , com !! ( for serious help !! )

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