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The Samsung Zeal (SCH-U750) is a mid-cost cell phone.

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display is very bright, can see it on a sunny day

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call quality is very good, can clearly hear the other end

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QWERTY keypad is responsive and comfortable to work with, nice layout

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easy to use, don't need any instructions for it

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light weight enough to be kept in a shirt pocket

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hinge action is solid and durable

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email interface is well rendered, offers good access to the normal everyday functions

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battery lasts a long time between charges

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screen is a little fragile, can't take the force of a direct impact if dropped on something

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The Samsung Zeal (SCH-U750) is a mid-cost cell phone. This phone is equipped with a QWERTY keypad, which allows for quick text input. The Zeal (SCH-U750) phone's Predictive Text Input T9 feature intuits certain typed words based on a growing familiarity with the your lexicon. This phone is Outlook Sync capable, which means that your mail, contacts, and calendars can be auto-synchronized with Outlook on a PC using Exchange ActiveSync. The Zeal (SCH-U750) allows you to easily access online communities (such as Twitter and Facebook) and content through a single point of access. You can check on your friends and update your status with this feature. This phone has a 2.6 inch display, with 240 x 320 resolution, which helps to make it easy to read. You can use this screen to check on pictures you take with the two megapixel camera. This camera is equipped with Night Shot, which allows you to get clear images day and night. The Samsung Zeal (SCH-U750) cell phone is designed for use on the Verizon wireless network.

  • Dimensions: 4.01” x 2.04” x 0.67”
  • Weight: 4.34 ounces
  • Voice mail
  • Mobile, Corporate Email
  • Instant Messaging
  • SMS / EMS / MMS
  • Predictive Text Input T9
  • Up to 32GB memory upgradable
  • 2MP camera (w/ 10x digital zoom, auto focus)
  • QWERTY keypad
  • Color: Black
  • Speakerphone
  • Memo pad
  • Stop watch
  • Voice Recognition
  • Bluetooth capable
  • Verizon network
  • 2.6" display (240 x 320)
  • Up to 336 hours standby time
  • Up to 300 minutes talk time
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