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Samsung's SGH-A687 Strive is a 3G cell phone that places emphasis on instant messaging.

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Screen is clear and easy to read, even in bright outdoor conditions

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2-megapixel camera performs better than expected - still images with sufficient natural lighting are clear and detailed

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Physical keyboard response is relatively stiff - can feel awkward and uncomfortable with extended use

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Battery life is relatively short for the feature set - only three hours of talk time on a single charge

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Camcorder mode performs rather poorly - captured video is grainy and playback tends to lag

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Integrated "Mobil Share" photo/video service costs 35 cents per transfer - many other providers offer similar functions free of charge

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Mic quality is lacking - outgoing vocal clarity is easily distorted

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Samsung's SGH-A687 Strive is a 3G cell phone that places emphasis on instant messaging, as it has a full sliding QWERTY keyboard and an interface compatible with AIM and other IM services. It also supports several different email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Windows Live. This phone uses a threaded IM interface and has a 2.6"-diagonal display. Other features include a 2.0-megapixel camera with video capture, GPS receiver and MP3 player, as well as numerous other organizational applications. The MP3 player can recognize songs automatically and also allows users to make custom ringtones out of uploaded music files. 

  • 3G HSDPA/Quad-Band GSM
  • Sliding QWERTY keyboard
  • Threaded IM view
  • Group-messaging interface
  • Email compatible
  • 2.0-megapixel camera with video capture
  • MP3 player with track recognition
  • Ringtone creator
  • GPS receiver
  • 2.6"-diagonal display
  • Memory expandable up to 16GB with microSD card
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John Fort
09/07/2010 12:02

awesome phone! Great photo quality!

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