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The Samsung SGH-t229 is a low cost cellphone for the TMobile network.

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Screen can be used as a viewfinder for self-portaits - contrast adjustability helps to optimize saturation levels in relation to lighting

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Sufficient feature set for the price point - Bluetooth connectivity and speakerphone capabilities provide multiple communication options

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Call quality is consistent and reliable - maintains signal strength through varying environments surprisingly well

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Photo quality is very poor - outperformed by competitors from LG and Nokia

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Relatively thick and bulky for a flip phone - ends up no smaller than most candybar or slider units

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Display is poorly organized and hard to read in general - monochrome component is small and strangely off-center

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Keypad buttons are crammed, and sit flush to the rest of the phone - very difficult to dial quickly and with accuracy

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The Samsung SGH-t229 is a low cost cellphone for the TMobile network. The compact flip design comes in a bright red, and uses a VGA camera that has a 4x digital zoom for quick low-resolution photos. Photos can be sent directly to other cellphones with audio commentary, and text messaging is also available. This phone is Bluetooth enabled, allowing the use of hands free calling accessories and headphones. A number of standard functions are also included, such as a record of calls dialed, missed, and received. The call time is displayed at the end of every call to help track available airtime on any given plan.

  • Flip design profile
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • myFaves program through TMobile
  • VGA camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Text Messaging
  • Photo messaging
  • Alarm, Calculator
  • Call time
  • Dialed, missed, received calls
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