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The Samsung Knack (SCH-u310) is a low-end flip-style cell phone.

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gets a strong signal everywhere, never drops a call

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durably constructed, can drop it no problem and the hinge is sturdy

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easy to set up and program with contacts and ICE presets

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easy enough to just pick up and use without any real learning curve

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light enough to put it in a shirt pocket no problems

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front screen on the outside isn't useful for anything, worthless extra

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no "standard extras" like Bluetooth, Internet, etc.

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ugly design, looks cheap and low-end

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The Samsung Knack (SCH-u310) is a low-end flip-style cell phone designed without all the bells and whistles for users interested in just a basic cell phone. The Knack's MSRP is $69.99 however the device can be purchased through Verizon Wireless with a 2 year contract and service agreement for $39.99. The Samsung Knack device features a distinctive beveled keypad for users particularly interested in an easy button interface (senior citizens), combined with dedicated hot keys for varying phone functions such as texting, making a call, or browsing the integrated phone book. The Knack also features a 2.2" main LCD image display with an exterior mini LCD screen to display important information such as the current time, missed calls or texts.

The Samsung Knack (SCH-u310) model cell phone includes additional support and functionality such as predictive T9 text input, voice memo (voice recording) support, AGPS compatibility, a calendar function, an alarm clock function, a calculator function, and speakerphone support. The Knack additionally supports 48-note Polyphonic Ringtones and has a maximum contact capacity of 500 entries combined with 32mb user storage space.

  • Low-end Flip-Style Cell Phone
  • Beveled Keypad
  • Hot-key Shortcuts
  • 2.2 Large LCD Display
    • Mini LCD Front Display (Text Only)
  • Phone Functions
    • T9 Predictive Text Input
    • Voice-mail Support
    • Speakerphone
    • Polyphonic Ringtone Support
    • Contact Phonebook (500 Entries)
    • 32MB Storage
  • Special Functions
    • Voice Memo Support
    • AGPS Compatibility
    • Calendar
    • Alarm Clock
    • Calculator
  • Display
    • Internal
      • Technology: 65K TFT Color Internal
      • Resolution: 176 x 220 Pixel
    • External
      • Resolution: 96 x 96 Pixel
  • Battery
    • Talk Time: 4.5 Hours
    • Standby: 366 Hours
  • Size
    • Dimensions: 3.78” x 2.01” x .74”
    • Weight: 3.63 Ounces
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