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The Samsung YP-U3 is a economical, no frills flashed based media player that succeeds Samsung's previous offering with the U2.

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Clear and readable screen

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Integrated USB connector with no losable parts

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Slim and light form factor

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Good battery life

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Great audio quality

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Included ear buds are poor

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The buttonless touch pad can be tricky to use. Should come with earbuds that have a volume slider.

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No FM recording

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Requires WMP 9 to put non-music files onto the MP3 player

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The Samsung YP-U3 is a economical, no frills flashed based media player that succeeds Samsung's previous offering with the U2, and competes directly with the latest releases from Sansa and Apple. The U3 provides many of the same features as the Sansa Express including the built-in USB connector with minor differences in size and weight. Being a value-priced media player, Samsung opted to stick with only audio files with no support for pictures or videos.

  • Built-in USB connector, used for data transfer and charging the included battery
  • 4 line, 2 color, 1.8" OLED screen
  • FM radio broadcasting with presets
  • Integrated voice recording
  • Supported audio formats: MP3, WAV, WMA (protected and lossless), OGG Vorbis, ASF
  • 15 hours of battery life
  • 1GB available in 5 colors, 2GB available in black or white
  • 3.15x1.0x0.8 inches, 0.8 ounces

In devices of this size Samsung and Sansa have decided that requiring the use of an extra cable doesn't make sense. Instead the USB connector is built right into the player itself allowing the U3 to connect directly to your computer. Unlike the Express that sees the connector protected by a removable cap, a slide switch is used to push the connector out of the U3's body. When connected the U3 acts as a mass storage device allowing you to drag and drop songs directly from the file system, or through the media software of your choice (Samsung provides their own software).

The format support ensures the player is compatible with most of your music, even if you use subscription services such as Napster and Rhapsody. However, the lack of AAC support means the U3 can't play songs that have been downloaded or ripped from iTunes. An integrated microphone records voice in MP3 format, and despite the presence of both recording and FM radio, there's no support for FM recording.

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V Kat
07/01/2008 09:35

Well I don't have the mp3 player yet, but I will be getting one soon. It looks perfect for my needs. I already have a mp3 player I dislike, because it operates on AAA batteries. It is old and lags a lot. I think I'll get this one on amazon. I already have headphones that do not "suck". So I will be perfectly fine. Maybe I'll give the headphones to my friend. Thanks v kat

01/16/2008 12:38

I got this MP3 about a month ago, and I have yet to second-guess my decision of buying it.
I primarily use it for when I go to the gym, but it also works great for listening to audio books when walking when relaxing.
Its compact, simple, and effective. It has a Voice Recorder, which I hardly use, and a FM Tuner which is great for when you get tired of your music. Its storage capacity is well suited for my needs, and I honestly don’t know why you would need more than 2 Gigs when you can always just delete the music you get tired of and add on new tracks.
I really don’t find any cons about it. The headphones it came with suck, but this is to be expected as you are paying for an MP3 Player and not great headphones. I got myself a great $20 pair off NewEgg and never took the pair that the U3 came with out of the box.
The buttons are really sensitive, which means that you only have to lightly tap the to get them to respond, and the “HOLD” slider is especially there to prevent unintentional button pressing.
And lastly, the clip that it came with works perfectly for me, I’ve never removed it and it hasn’t accidently come off since I attached it.

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