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The Samsung YP-P2 is a flash-based portable media player that features a touchscreen interface.

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Large and sharp screen

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Slim profile

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Good format support

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Excellent battery life

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Touch based interface

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Bluetooth integration with cell phones, allows contact management and ability to make and receive calls from the P2

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Bluetooth file transfer to and from other Bluetooth devices including other P2s

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A note: in some countries it also supports Vorbis OGG format and UMS (ums = you dont have to use bundled software in order to copy music)

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Touch interface isn't as good as Apple's

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Hard drive to cost ratio.

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The Samsung YP-P2 which was announced in late August 2007 is a flash-based portable media player that features a touchscreen interface somewhat reminiscent of the iPhone and iPod touch. There are some differences between the two systems,  as Samsung's doesn't support multiple fingers and sophisticated gestures such as pinching. Samsung went with a touch interface to provide more room for the screen, which measures three inches across the diagonal with a 16:9 resolution of 480x272. The player works in both portrait and landscape modes, though videos are displayed only in the landscape mode. Times Magazine's Top 10 Gadgets of 2007 lists the YP-P2 at #6.

Summary of Features
  • 3" OLED screen at 480x272 resolution
  • Touch screen interface
  • Audio, video and photo playback
  • MPEG4 and WMV9 video formats supported
  • Bluetooth 2.0 (supports 3 headphones at once)
  • FM radio, recording
  • Battery life: 35 hours for audio, 5 hrs video
  • Available in Black, White and Burgundy
  • 2GB for $199, 4GB for $239, 8GB for $299

Samsung opted to include a variety of format capability into the YP-P2. All the traditional format types are supported such as MP3/WMA9 for audio, and JPEG for photos. On top of that the player supports the latest WMA10 audio format, and on the video side both the common MPEG4 and WMV9 formats are supported at a maximum frame rate of 30 frames per second.

Beyond the file format support, the P2 supports both FM radio broadcasting, and recording. Recording can also be done through the line-in port, but there's no integrated voice recorder as found in the Sansa View. Bluetooth 2.0 is a feature that sets the P2 apart from other media players in this class. Using Bluetooth, the Samsung can connect to your mobile phone and automatically pause playback when you get a call; it also works with Bluetooth headphones and supports up to three connected headsets simultaneously. Taking advantage of the touch interface, Samsung also included a text viewer and editor.

Post Review
02/02/2008 09:19

I've had this player two months, pros and cons:


beautiful, crisp color screen, video looks great, great sound, latest firmware update (1-31-08) allows radio recording, good radio reception, great form factor and feel.


Touch screen is underresponsive, have to tap hard with thumb to navigate, often have to tap 2-3X for a response. Videos, even supported formats, have to be reformatted for playback on P2 using included software, fairly quick though. Also, no wi-fi or browser.

01/23/2008 12:12

I played around with this player in Future Shop and the thing that stood out to me was just how unresponsive and imprecise the interface is. After playing with the silky smooth iPhone menu having to struggle with this touch screen was just painful. I'd much rather have a fast button interface than some not-so-flashy-almost-useless touch screen. The screen did look pretty darn nice though.

MAYBE you could get used to the interface given enough time. But why bother?

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