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Samsung's HT-TWZ312 home theatre system features a 6.1 surround speaker set-up.

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affordable - and not too cheap as to seem shady

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1000W system output

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upscales DVDs to 1080p

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iPod dock

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The thing dies with a "protect" message. No where is there documentation what this means or how to fix.

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The rear speakers are not truly wireless as implied by the image of the system on the Samsung website. There are wires connecting the rear speakers to the bluetooth receiver box.

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The DVD may upscale to 1080p but you can't experience that without buying an HDMI cable as Samsung do not include one in the box.

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only 2 HDMI inputs limits your options if you have more than 2 source devices

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The rear speakers cut out when blocked by anything solid.

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Using an iPod (4th Gen) in the dock is annoying. All songs on albums are played in alphabetical, not track, order. Can't find a fix for this, so just plugging in with phono cables is better.

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Samsung's HT-TWZ312 home theatre system features a 6.1 surround speaker set-up (with 5.8GHz wireless rear speakers for minimal cable clutter) paired with an upscaling progressive-scan DVD player, which converts standard 480p resolution DVDs to full 1080p high definition picture, sent uncompressed through HDMI cable for the best possible picture quality from the disc. The HT-TWZ312 also features an iPod dock for quick connectivity and home listening with the systems speakers and power amplifier. It also features USB Host Play compatibility for interfacing with any USB-compatible media device with no installation of software, and Anynet+ compatibility to easily control all connected HDMI devices with a single remote.

  • Progressive-scan upscaling DVD player with HDMI
  • 6.1 surround sound with 5.8GHz Wireless rear speakers
  • 1000 watts RMS power output
  • iPod dock
  • USB Host Play compatibility
  • Anynet+ compatibility for synchronized use with other HDMI devices
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01/23/2013 05:40

doesn't turn on what happened?

08/31/2009 11:21

This product would have been good if the dvd player didn't cut out when the wireless unit was being obstructed by some sort of device.person.animal.

Dvd player itself began to skip a few weeks after use. Cleaned innards, rewired system. Supports response was to have it shipped in for repair 2 to 6 weeks without surround sound was not really an option for me at the time.

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