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The Samsung SMX-K45 is a compact up-scaling HDMI camcorder offered by Samsung.

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32GB of internal solid state storage - not as energy hungry, hot, or prone to physical damage as disk based storage

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HDMI connectivity - easy and fast for both audio and video through the same connection

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52x optical zoom

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upconverts standard definition content to approach high definition quality

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optical image stabilization

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built-in solid state storage is the only difference between this model and the much cheaper SMX-K40

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shoots in standard definition only

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expensive for a standard definition camcorder

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The Samsung SMX-K45 is a compact up-scaling HDMI camcorder offered by Samsung. It has a 52x optical zoom that can go up to 65x digitally with Samsung's new Intelli-Zoom and features and optical image stabilizer for clear images, even when zoomed in. It can record video with a resolution of 720 x 480 which can be viewed on an HDTV in near-HD quality thanks to an advanced upscaling HDMI output. Unlike the SMX-K40, the SMX-K45 has 32 GB of interal solid state memory storage for 20 hours of recording. It features Samsung’s play-edit-sharing program called intelli studio which lets you use any computer to edit and play videos with no software installation, and simplifies the process to upload content to websites such as YouTube. For easy browsing on the camera, each video is represented by a small thumbnail with short playback when highlighted. The battery can be charges using a USB connection or with the supplied AC adapter. The Samsung SMX-K45 is available in black or blue.

  • Standard-definition camcorder
  • Widescreen format (720 x 480)
  • 2.7 inch LCD screen
  • 52x optical zoom
  • 65x digital zoom
  • Intelli-zoom
  • HDMI output
  • 32 GB of solid state memory
  • Intelli-Studio
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