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The Samsung SMX-F54 sits at a significantly higher price than its peers of the same SMX series (the F50 and F53) .

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Long battery life, it is also removable, users can replace it at anytime unlike some cameras where you must recharge it

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Good video picture quality, crisp and clear

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Flash storage, no need to worry about hard drives failing due to vibrations, storage can be directly removed (SD card)

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Buttons are well positioned, and are of a good size, easy to find, easy to press

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Does not always save settings, more importantly, it is inconsistent, it save some bu loses some, firmware issue

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Lack of mic noise cancellation, results in recordings with alot of external noise

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Still picture quality is poor, comparable to cellphone quality

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No swivel strap, not as easy tho hold the camera securely whilst using it at odd angles

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The Samsung SMX-F54 sits at a significantly higher price than its peers of the same SMX series (the F50 and F53), though some critics have noted that the video quality might not be worth the price. Regardless, it features an impressive zoom capacity, SD card storage and a range of features that makes it an ideal choice for first-time users interested in shooting family videos. A 65x intelligent zoom and 52x optical zoom are the main attraction of the SMX-F54, handily beating out other digital camcorders in terms of zoom capacity. It shoots in 720 x 480 pixel video, recorded directly to a user-supplied SD card--the F54 can handle a card with up to 16GB of storage, which translates to 6 hours and 20 minutes of shooting time. Several features make both shooting and editing footage easier--Smart Background Music (SBM) will lower the volume of background music tracks whenever speech is detected, Record Pause allows users to pause filming without stopping, and SmartFeature detects light and automatically optimizes camera settings. The SMX-F54 can also shoot 1.5 megapixel photos and comes in black, silver, red or blue.

  • Shoots standard definition 720 x 480 videos
  • 65x Intelligent zoom
  • 52x Optical zoom
  • SD card storage accepts cards up to 16GB
  • Up to 6 hours and 20 minutes of footage (on a 16GB SD card)
  • Smart Background Music (SBM) lowers background music levels when speech is detected
  • Record Pause lets users pause filming without stopping it
  • SmartFeature sensors detect light and optimize camera settings
  • Shoots 1.5 megapixel still photos
  • Available in black, silver, red or blue
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