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The SMX-F50 is a standard definition camcorder by Samsung.

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SD/SDHC supports enables simplistic memory enhancement - cards up to 32GB are supported

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Zooming is highly functional - well-lit objects up to 100 feet can be viewed in good quality

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Struggles in low-light situations - picture quality is blurred and grainy

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Still photo is more of a novelty - outperformed by many leading camera phones

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Lack of HD content capture is a major drawback - many Flip and Kodak HD camcorders are available for the price (or less )

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Mac compatibility required extensive software installation - can be complicated and confusing

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4.5-hour battery life can be severely limiting - not conducive to explorative shooting styles

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The SMX-F50 is a standard definition camcorder by Samsung that makes it an entry-level product for consumers who haven't owned a video camera before. The lower-end version of a lineup that includes the SMX-F53 and F54, the SMX-F50 features an impressive zoom capability and several features to streamline video recording. While the 52x optical zoom of the SMX-F50 puts it head and shoulders above other digital camcorders' zoom capabilities, it can only record in standard definition 720x480 pixel video, which some critics argue is outdated and inferior quality. Regardless, it also features Smart Background Music (SBM), a feature that will automatically lower any added background music whenever speech is detected, and a Record Pause, which lets users stop recording and then start again without creating separate clips or the need to link scenes together. The SMX-F50 records directly to a user-supplied SD card and ships in black, silver, red or blue.

  • Records standard definition 720 x 480 pixel videos
  • 52x optical zoom
  • SD-card slot
  • Records up to 6 hours and 20 minutes of footage (on a 16GB SD card)
  • Smart Background Music (SBM) automatically lowers background music levels for speech
  • Record Pause pauses recording without stopping it
  • Downloads videos to PC and charges via USB
  • Available in black, silver, red or blue
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02/15/2013 03:29

We bought this for when our thirs child was born. When we went to burn the DVD the movie was so blurred and when you move the camera, it was almost unwatchable, as you felt nausous. If we watch it on a small screen or the camera itself, it is fine. Buying a new camera for sure!

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