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The SMX-F40 is a part of Samsung's F-series, a line of standard definition camcorders set for release in March 2010.

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Presets are easy to use, applicable to various situations

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The optical zoom allows for really close shots of distant objects, quite handy

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52x optical zoom and 65x unique "intelligent zoom" give this camcorder a longer range than similar priced competitors

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Images can be pixelated at high zoom

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Still images at 1.9MP are noticeably grainy, competing flash camcorders generally have higher resolution

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Images are extremely shaky at high zoom, requires a tripod

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Buttons and body feel plastic, kind of cheap

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The SMX-F40 is a part of Samsung's F-series, a line of standard definition camcorders set for release in March 2010. New users are the intended target for the device with automatic, user-friendly features, but extended zoom functionality and increased battery life may also appeal to intermediate camcorder operators. Smart Auto and Face Detection are both utilies included to automatically focus and adjust color, contrast, brightness, and movement while the camcorder is in use. The LCD user interface also aims to have intuitive menus and previewable thumbnail file indicators. The camcorder is charged when connected with a computer or laptop system via a USB cable and automatically draws power while transferring files; the camcorder has a charge duration of over four hours of in-use time, significantly higher than most camcorders released by Samsung in 2010. Also unique to the F-series is a 65x Intelli-Zoom capability for close-ups and more options during use. The SMX-F40 uses memory cards for storing files and also comes with an built-in memory of 16 GB for internal storage.

Specifications and Features
  • dimensions: TBA
  • battery life: over four hours
  • USB connection and charger
  • LCD screen; user-friendly menus, thumbnail files
  • standard definition video capture
  • 1.9 MP photo capture
  • 65x Intelli-Zoom
  • time-lapse recording
  • Smart Auto image adjuster
  • Face Detection
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • expandable memory card use for storage: SD and SDHC
  • warranty: TBA
Color Options
  • black
  • red and black
  • silver and black
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12/30/2010 04:50

does it record sound and if so how is the quality

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