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The SMX-F43 is a standard definition camcorder in Samsung's F-series set for a March 2010 release.

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built in editing functionality prepares clips for social media sites

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no external recording media to deal with like tapes or discs

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handles low-light recording without getting too grainy

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camera is very light weight, easy to carry around

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battery can handle 4 hours of recording time

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very simple user interface, easy to pick up and just start filming

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still photos are low quality and don't look right

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microphone is not directional, pics up everything on or off camera

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lens cap is flipped on and off with a toggle switch manually, users often leave it opened

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no bag or other accessories

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The SMX-F43 is a standard definition camcorder in Samsung's F-series set for a March 2010 release. The intent of the camcorder is to serve as an entry-level device for newcomers with user-friendly features, but also appeal to intermediate users with a much higher than average maximum zoom and a long battery life. To ensure the camcorder can be adequately operated by newcomers, features such as Smart Auto for automatic adjustments to color, contrast, brightness, and motion for high-quality video capture. The LCD user interface also focuses on user-friendly menus, options, and preview thumbnails for files. The camcorder is charged when connected with a computer or laptop system via a USB cable and automatically draws power while transferring files; the camcorder has a charge duration of over four hours of in-use time, significantly higher than most camcorders being released by Samsung in 2010. The camcorder's enhanced zoom comes in the form of a 65x Intelli-Zoom capability for close-ups and more options during use. The SMX-F40 use memory cards for storing files and comes with an internal flash drive of 8 GB for on-board file storage.

Specifications and Features
  • dimensions: TBA
  • battery life: over four hours
  • USB connection and charger
  • LCD screen; user-friendly menus, thumbnail files
  • standard definition video capture
  • 1.9 MP photo capture
  • 65x Intelli-Zoom
  • time-lapse recording
  • Smart Auto image adjuster
  • Face Detection
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • expandable memory card use for storage: SD and SDHC
  • warranty: TBA
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