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The Samsung SMX-F40 is a standard definition camcorder in Samsung's F-series set for a March 2010 release.

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easy to use, even for children

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very lightweight and comes in a compact design for easy transport

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sensitive microphone picks up audio very well

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has a full 4.5 hours of battery life, although low power indicators show up early making it appear is if its running out early

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zoom is smooth and powerful, doesn't make a loud noise when operating

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doesn't cope well with panning, shows harsh scan lines

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low light recording is dark and grainy

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The Samsung SMX-F40 is a standard definition camcorder in Samsung's F-series set for a March 2010 release. The camcorder focuses on three main areas: user friendliness, battery life, and enhanced zoom features. To ensure the camcorder can be adequately operated by newcomers, features such as Smart Auto for automatic adjustments to color, contrast, brightness, and motion for high-quality video capture. Additionally, a face detection feature allows the camcorder to track selected people while in use for more focused recordings. The camcorder is charged when connected with a computer or laptop system via a USB cable and automatically draws power while transferring files; the camcorder has a charge duration of over four hours of in-use time, significantly higher than most camcorders being released by Samsung in 2010. Also unique to the F-series is a 65x Intelli-Zoom capability for close-ups and more options during use. The SMX-F40 use memory cards for storing files and has no built-in memory storage of its own.

Specifications and Features
  • dimensions: TBA
  • battery life: over four hours
  • USB connection and charger
  • LCD screen; user-friendly menus, thumbnail files
  • standard definition video capture
  • 1.9 MP photo capture
  • 65x Intelli-Zoom
  • time-lapse recording
  • Smart Auto image adjuster
  • Face Detection
  • memory card use for storage: SD and SDHC
  • warranty: TBA
Color Options
  • black
  • red and black
  • silver and black
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