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The Samsung SMX-F33 is a low-end camcorder.

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video is clear and sharp, looks great on an HDTV

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video software is user friendly and easy to use

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comfortable to hold and manipulate, well balanced and laid out

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all functions are easy to access, can really just pick it up and start recording without instruction

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batteries last a reasonable amount of time, can pretty consistently get about 3 hours from them

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file transfer through USB or card reader is a standard drag/drop interface, don't need special software

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battery cover is in a position where it's easy to accidentally slide it open as you're working with the camera

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still images tend to look grainy

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video AF has a hard time finding the subject in low light

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The Samsung SMX-F33 is a low-end camcorder. It is similar to another product from Samsung, the SMX-C14, though the similarities are minimal, limited to only things such as the NTSC format. Compared to the SMX-C14, the SMX-F33 has more advanced features, including an 8th generation DSM chip (provides longer battery time and enhances digital imaging), and Natural Color Processing (makes colors closer to that of nature). The SMX-F33 features 3D noise reduction, which eliminates noise from the picture, while maintaining the original edge and pattern. It does this by passing groups of frames through filters. This results in great picture and video quality. The face detection of the SMX-F33 targets faces on the screen. It is able to always focus on faces on the screen, even if they're not in the center, enhancing the quality of pictures and video. It also features a full angle grip, which uses a swivel hand to provide increased freedom of movement. It lets the user use a larger variety of shooting techniques, such as making it easy to switch from regular to low level positions.

  • NTSC format
  • Face detection
  • 3D noise reduction
  • Vivid color
  • 8th generation DSP chip
  • 3 hours of battery life
  • Lots of recording time
  • Full angle grip
  • H.264 recording
  • Compatible with SD cards
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