The Samsung SMX-C10 is a standard definition handheld camcorder.

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The Samsung SMX-C10 is a standard definition handheld camcorder. The SMX-C10 is a more ergonomic camcorder than most, as the lens is on a 25-degree angle that allows it to film straight ahead while being tilted downward slightly, reducing the common hand pain from holding a camera straight for extended periods of time. Like many Samsung camcorders, it features a one-touch button for uploading video to YouTube and other online video sharing sites. It has the ability to record either to the internal 16GB flash memory, or an external SD/memory card for extra or more portable storage. The video can be transferred over USB from either the SD card or the internal storage, and because the software is embedded on the camera, video can be transferred to any computer at any time. Video that is still on the device can be played back on the device itself, or outputted to a TV via an included composite cable. When browsing through video, the SMX-C10 uses moving thumbnails, so the video can be watched thumbnail size to more easily identify which video the user is looking for, before blowing it up to full screen. It can also take 800x600 still photos, which are then interpolated to 1600x1200 (1.9 megapixels), making it a convenient photo taker, if necessary. However, when compared to actual digital cameras, the quality is much less.

  • NTSC (Standard Definition)
  • 16GB Internal storage
  • SD/SDHC/Memory card slot
  • USB transfer
  • Composite output
  • 25-degree lens angle
  • 2.7" viewfinder
  • H.264 BP recording format
  • 160 minutes battery life
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