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The HMX-S15 is a top-end High Definition camcorder and a part of Samsung's S-Series.

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LCD display is large and clear.

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32GB of built-in SSD storage.

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Microphone performance is outstanding--picks up audio from a long distance with minimal distortion.

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Optical Image Stabilization is remarkable in terms of producing steady video in unfavourable conditions.

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Excellent zoom performance--image quality remains relatively undiminished at full zoom.

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Light balance is generally good even without Smart auto on.

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Video quality is clear and consistent.

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Battery life is less than ideal.

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The HMX-S15 is a top-end High Definition camcorder and a part of Samsung's S-Series. The camcorder contains the highest functionality available from Samsung's 2010 line-up and introduces several new features with this series. Built-in WiFi and DLNA functionality are world first features for a camcorder and allow for wireless connections with DLNA products for file transfers without using USB or HDMI cables. The camcorder is also among the first to utilize Solid State Drives, a media storage system that does not use any moving parts, resulting in faster load and start up times, less power consumption, less noise and heat, and a lighter, durable camcorder. This model contains 32GB of SSD space. For video capture, the camcorder offers a wide of options and high-end functionality with a Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan-HD lens, 18x Intelli-Zoom, and a BSI CMOS imaging sensor for significantly improved video capture in low-light areas. Additionally, the HMX-S15 is also one of the first camcorder models with Samsung's Victoria Engine video processor, specifically designed to consume less power and enhance HD video capture.

Specifications and Features
  • dimensions: TBA
  • in-use battery life: 2 hours
  • WiFi capable
  • DLNA certified
  • BSI CMOS imaging sensor
  • Victoria Engine Video Processor
  • 3.5" LCD touchscreen; 3D menus
  • Schneider Kreuznach Variopan-HD lens
  • 18x Intelli-Zoom
  • Optical Image Stabilization; reduces shake and blur
  • 10 MP still image capture
  • super-slow motion video capture at lower resolutions
  • time-lapse recording
  • High Definition video recording
  • 32GB SSD storage; expandable with memory cards
  • warranty: TBA
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