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The Samsung HMX-S10 is a High Definition camcorder in the top-end S-Series.

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DNLA works predictably and reliably

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general operation is very simple, can just pick it up and start using it

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pictures and video are all high quality, sharp and clear

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menus are easy to navigate, react quickly to commands

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image stabilization is very weak, need to keep your hand very steady

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tends to default to slightly zoomed setting when turned on

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no built in light for filming in low light conditions

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The Samsung HMX-S10 is a High Definition camcorder in the top-end S-Series. The camcorder focuses on being lightweight, portable, and energy efficient with no internal moving parts and a memory card storage system for holding pictures and video recordings. The camcorder is also among the first to combine a Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan-HD lens and Samsung's Victoria Engine, a video processor introduced with their 2010 camcorders. The video processor is specifically designed to optimize HD video capture and improve recording quality by improving such areas as color, contrast, and tone enhancement. The HMX-S10 also utilizes a BSI CMOS imaging sensor for increased functionality in low-light environments which, when combined with camcorder's 18x Intelli-Zoom, offer a wide range of video capture options to the user.

Specifications and Features
  • dimensions: TBA
  • in-use battery life: 2 hours
  • BSI CMOS imaging sensor
  • Victoria Engine Video Processor
  • 3.5" LCD touchscreen; 3D menus
  • Schneider Kreuznach Variopan-HD lens
  • 18x Intelli-Zoom
  • Optical Image Stabilization; reduces shake and blur
  • 10 MP still image capture
  • super-slow motion video capture at lower resolutions
  • time-lapse recording
  • High Definition video recording
  • memory card storage; SD/SDHC
  • warranty: TBA
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