The Samsung HMX-H205 is a High Definition camcorder.

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The Samsung HMX-H205 is a High Definition camcorder with the largest amount of storage space available in Samsung's 2010 H-Series. The device has 32GB of Solid State Drive storage space, a type of hard drive that contains no moving parts and has more in common with computer RAM than standard hard disks. Solid State Drives consume less power as a result of having no moving mechanisms and also benefit from faster load times, less heat and noise production, higher durability against impacts, and a lighter weight than traditional storage options. For video capture the camcorder utilizes 37mm wide-angle lens with a 20x optical zoom for fully customizable shots and options controlled with a LCD touchscreen interface. The HMX-H205 also includes the capability to capture video in lower-light environments with new technology introduced with the H-Series: a BSI CMOS imaging sensor.

Specifications and Features
  • dimensions: TBA
  • in-use battery life: 2 hours
  • BSI CMOS imaging sensor
  • 2.7" LCD touchscreen
  • uncomplicated user menus and settings
  • 37mm wide-angle lens
  • 20x optical zoom
  • Optical Image Stabilization; reduces shake and blur
  • 4.7 MP still image capture
  • High Definition video recording
  • 32GB SSD storage; expandable with memory cards
  • warranty: TBA
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