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The Samsung HMX-H200 is a High Definition camcorder and part of Samsung's H-Series.

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User-friendly touch-screen interface

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Wide array of manual controls

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Strap and form factor, digital and optical stabilization work well together to reduce shaking in images

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Time-lapse mode is simple to use and allows creative videos

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Still images have low noise and a good pixel resolution (4.7MP) for commparable camcorders

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No viewfinder

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Build quality is a bit flimsy, especially the flip out screen, and does not feel durable

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Screen can be hard to see in bright sunlight

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The Samsung HMX-H200 is a High Definition camcorder and part of Samsung's H-Series. Instead of an internal hard drive for media storage, the camcorder makes exclusive use of memory cards. This means the camcorder contains no internal moving parts making more power efficient and damage resistant than devices with a standard hard drive. The camcorder utilizes a 37mm wide-angle lens, suited for recording groups and landscape features, and a 20x optical zoom for close-up shots. A 2.7 inch LCD touchscreen is used as the user interface for the camcorder with an emphasis on easy access menus and controls for newcomers and casual camcorder operators. The HMX-H200 also includes Samsung's BSI CMOS imaging sensor, a feature introduced with this series of camcorders that allows for much higher light detection for video capture in low-light settings.

Specifications and Features
  • dimensions: TBA
  • in-use battery life: 2 hours
  • BSI CMOS imaging sensor
  • 2.7" LCD touchscreen
  • uncomplicated user menus and settings
  • 37mm wide-angle lens
  • 20x optical zoom
  • Optical Image Stabilization; reduces shake and blur
  • 4.7 MP still image capture
  • High Definition video recording
  • memory card storage; SD/SDHC
  • warranty: TBA
Color Options
  • black-black
  • sliver-black
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