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The Samsung HMX-H104 model camcorder was debuted on January 5 2009 as a higher-end extension to its full-HD digital camcorder.

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utilizes easy to find, affordable and capacious SDHC cards for expansion storage

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16GB of built in flash storage

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37mm wide angle lens

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optical image stabilization

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10x optical zoom

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2.7" touchscreen display

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HDMI output

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records in full 1080p high definition

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good value considering the technical specifications for the price

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4.7MP still photos

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poor low light performance

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Battery drains quickly if stored in the unit

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1.8GB file size restriction (15 minutes in highest quality setting)

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Incompatible with iMovie (Mac OS X)

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really poor battery life

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expensive for the majority of consumers

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The Samsung HMX-H104 model camcorder was debuted on January 5 2009 as a higher-end extension to its full-HD digital camcorder family. The new H-series HD camcorders are quoted to offer first and foremost full-HD quality video, high-performance, a sleek and stylish body design, a high-quality HD image lens with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) support and internal/integrated solid state drives for memory storage. The HMX-H104 is one step up from the entry level model in the H-series of camcorders; it will offer a cheaper source for full HD quality video with an internal hard drive. The HMX-H104 will feature an integrated 16GB internal storage drive and also supports the use of an SD/SDHC memory card for video storage as well. Video will be compressed in the H.264 video format meaning users will be able to record up to three hours of video on the 16GB drive and up to six hours of additional HD video on a 32GB SDHC card.

Each unit in the H-series includes a Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan HD lens equipped with Optical Image Stabilization support to ensure the video remains smooth and free of the normal shaking patterns caused by human hands. The lens also provides a 10x optical zoom and a 37mm wide angle focal length; most average camcorders on the market offer in the range of 40-50mm. The HMX-104 H-series camcorder will also include additional features such as an HDMI output for full HD support and viewing on an HDTV, a swiveling 2.7" TFT LCD screen and an HD time lapse recording mode which allows users to pre-select a certain period of time for recording.

Currently the newly announced H-series looks to be a much higher-end lineup than the original HMX HD series of camcorders from Samsung, and are further set to offer a larger amount of features for a cheaper or equal price. No permanent price tag for the device has been set as of this time.

  • Mid-Grade H-series full-HD camcorder
  • Full 1080i/1080p video recording support in H.264 video format
  • 16GB internal flash drive and SD-SDHC memory card support for storage
  • Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan HD lens equipped with Optical Image Stabilization support
  • 10x optical zoom and 37mm wide angle focal length
  • Integrated HDMI output
  • Swiveling 2.7" TFT LCD screen
  • HD time lapse recording mode
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Brent Christensen
10/28/2009 01:10

Note that this camera produces H.264 files, which are apparently incompatible with iMovie. If you try to import clips from this camera into iMovie for editing, you will run into a variety of problems. Bottom line, this is NOT the camera for you, if you want to use iMovie to edit clips. A shame, because it is a really nice camera otherwise.

05/26/2009 08:49

Hey Joe,

The cameras are the exact same except for internal storage capacity, you're completely right. The score is calculated based on the numbers of pros/cons added - not a personal choice. They only differ because I reviewed them at different times with different information available. Regardless the score won't mean much without a few people voting and adding pros/cons, so please leave your 2 cents here.


Joe Newton
05/26/2009 08:35

I don't understand why this HMX-H104 receives a 71 score from Mr. Yale but the exact same camera, with expanded storage as the only difference, receives a 91. Other than the size of internal storage, these cameras are supposed to be the same. Yet the 104 gets dinged for battery life and the 106 doesn't. Just trying to understand if these cameras really are different. I keep wanting one but the negatives begin to outweigh the positives. Thanks for any insight!

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