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The SmartCam HD Pro delivers real-time notification of activity through your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet.

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Excellent audio quality

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Plays lullaby music

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Easy set up

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Wide viewing angle

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Compatible with speakers

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No storage fees

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Less consistent

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Cheap feeling materials

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The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro is a versatile camera intended as a surveillance or monitoring device. It streams live video in 1080p HD to up to four devices at once, or it can simply record on local storage, as it has a microSDXC card slot. Another main feature is its user interface, which has helpful tools like notifications of motion or noise in real time. It connects to a local network via WiFi, and it does not require any storage service. Users can download the Samsung SmartCam app for Android and iOS devices to interface with the camera. Other features include a microphone as well as a speaker, which allows two-way communications, automatic adjustment for various lighting conditions, and fine-tuning of motion sensitivity. This latter feature lets users tell the camera specific areas to focus on. Purchasers should note that streaming video does, of course, require a WiFi Internet connection to be on, even if the user is away from the install location.

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  • Simple setup
  • 1080p HD video streaming
  • Integrated two-way talk
  • Motion & audio detection
  • Specific area focus motion detection
  • SDXC card slot for local storage
  • Email and mobile notifications
  • 128° wide-angle lens
  • LED indicator light
  • Mini-jack audio out for speakers
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I view live or even SD card recorded video directly from the local IP if my WAN is down if I am on the same LAN?

    You would actually need to have you internet running in order to be able to view the feed live. Even if you are all on the same LAN network, you would still be required to have the camera connected to the internet and would have to sign in from the website to view the video.

  • Is it possible to disable the IR Led's?

    Yes, "Night Vision" can be turned off from the SmartCam website. Login and select the camera, bottom left side click on Settings icon, towards the right side Night Vision can be turned On/Off.

  • Does this work with the new iphone 5?

    The camera two-way talk capability is available on iPhone 5, but sometimes, due to the network connection, the audio is not available. This is not very common, but if you are having problem with two-way talk, Samsung techsupport can help out with options.

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