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The Samsung ST600 is one of two front-facing, DualView compact P&S cameras (ST100, ST600) released in summer 2010.

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easy to use, intuitive touch screen

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unique 'Children's Setting' mode - displays an animated character on the front LCD

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supports HD quality video capture at 720p

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available in several different colors

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lots of zoom potential - makes getting the perfect shot easier

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great for self shooters - includes a front LCD

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thin and compact - makes it easy to carry around on trips

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poor included PC software - tends to be buggy

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poor documentation - doesn't include a paper instruction manual

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The Samsung ST600 is one of two front-facing, DualView compact P&S cameras (ST100, ST600)  released in summer 2010. As upgrades from the TL225 and TL220, both units host a larger 1.8” front-side LCD, a large 3.5” back-side touchscreen display, a 14.2MP sensor with ISO 3200 sensitivity, and 720p video capture. The ST600 is a more direct upgrade (especially from the TL225) in that it hosts a similar body (though more rounded/sleek). Plus it maintains its predecessor’s 27mm wide-angle focal length, though it hosts an improved 5x optical zoom. Compared to the ST100, the Samsung ST600 is less compact, though it too hosts a gesture-driven touchscreen interface options, smart face recognition (up to 6 manual, 14 automatic), a couples mode that releases the shutter when two faces tilt toward each other, and a ‘jump shot mode’ that alerts subjects when to jump in unison.

  • DualView Point and Shooter Camera
  • Compact Frame
  • Protruding 5x Wide Angle Optical Zoom Lens
  • LCD Display (Front)
  • Touchscreen Display (Back)
  • 14.2MP Sensor
  • 720p Video Capture
  • Gesture-Driven Interface
  • Smart Facial Recognition
  • Couples Mode
  • Jump Shot Mode
  • Self-Portrait Mode
  • Self-Timer
  • Children’s Setting (Animation)
  • Smart Auto (Still/Movie)
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