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The Samsung PL200 is a mid-grade camera designed for basic consumer "Point and Shoot" use.

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compact and lightweight - pocketable despite the slightly longer zoom lens

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easy to use - great for those who want a simple camera

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shoots video in 720p high definition

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records to easy to find, capacious and affordable SD/SDHC flash storage

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7x optical zoom lens, 31-217mm equivalent - very versatile for a cheap pocket camera

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affordable price point

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optical image stabilization

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good image quality under the right conditions - accurate colour, sharp, no visible distortion or excessive noise when used under ISO 400

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a basic P&S camera - no special features, mediocre image quality

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dual IS is a mode - not just an option that can be applied to all modes

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video quality is lacking

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no HDMI output, AV output requires a proprietary cable and is composite only

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slow lens - F/3.3-5.5, poorer in low light

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The Samsung PL200 is a mid-grade camera designed for basic consumer "Point and Shoot" use. The PL200 features the same basic body design as Samsung's former PL series cameras and is availab le in several different color options. The PL200 features a 14.2 megapixel sensor combined with a 7x optical zoom lens. The PL200 includes a 3" LCD "round back" (reduces glare) display for image review and dual optical and digital image stabilization support for clear image capture.

The Samsung PL200 includes additional features such as full 720p HD video recording support, slated memory card support (specifics not listed as of yet), and a smart auto capture function similiar to Samsung's older PL series models. The PL200 does not include a viewfinder like more traditional cameras; instead the user must take the picture while reviewing the current image on the LCD display.

  • Mid-grade "Point and Shoot" Camera
  • 14.2 Megapixel sensor; 7x optical zoom lens
  • 3" LCD Display (Round Back Design)
  • Dual optical and digital image stabilization
  • 720p HD Video Capture
  • Additional Memory Card Storage Support
  • Available in several color options
    • Black
    • Silver
    • Red
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