The Samsung NV9 is a premium compact digital camera that this sold in the United States as the TL9.

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The Samsung NV9 is a premium compact digital camera that this sold in the United States as the TL9. While not the top of the line of the NV series, it is still a powerful addition to the line with 10.2 megapixels of camera resolution.  It includes Samsung's improved processing technology for handling images within the camera and shares the dual image stabilization with the top-of-the-line NV100HD. Several reviewers claim that this feature attains vastly improved image quality by eliminating blur. Samsung claims the NV9 functions as a camcorder, portable disk, voice recorder, text viewer, MP3 player, and camera.  It has a mini-dashboard on the top edge of the camera to allow the back surface to be used for the LCD viewer touchscreen.  Samsung also claims its Multi Charging system allows you to charge your camera through any electrical outlet, laptop or desktop.  This same single charging USB Cable kit can be used to play video directly from the camera to a television or computer monitor.  One big difference from other compact digital cameras is the lens position on the front of the camera.  Instead of being in the center, it is positioned in the upper left corner so that the photographers right hand won't block the lens.  Small and lightweight, the Samsung NV9 offers high-quality with multiple functions.

  • 10.2 mega pixel camera resolution
  • Multimedia camera
  • 5x inner zoom lens
  • Multi Charging system
  • Dual Image Stabalization - integrates lens shifting mechanism with digital stabalization
  • Autofocus
  • Beauty Shot mode and Face Detection - automatically gives the best quality photo
  • Recycle Bin  - allows retrieval of deleted photos
  • Built in In Flash and Speaker
  • 2.7 in. LCD panel
  • Dimensions 3.74 in. w  x 2.34 in. h x 0.78 in. d
  • Weight 0.3 lbs.
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