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This Samsung MV800 compact digital camera comes with all the convenience and function of a point-and-shoot.

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Simple operation- just a power button, shutter button and zoom control on the top edge and two further buttons on the back

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Compact design when you're travelling with it

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The flexible flip-up screen is ideal for self-portraits and group shots

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High quality build- can feel it as soon as you hold it

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Smart-phone like user experience through the menu

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Excellent performance in low-light

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No built-in social networking integration

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Flip-screen doesn't swivel

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This Samsung MV800 compact digital camera comes with all the convenience and function of a point-and-shoot with the added feature of an adjustable LCD display. This ingenius addition makes capturing your perfect shots even quicker and easier.

The MV800 comes with a 16.1 megapixel CCD Image sensor to give great quality resolution to your shots. This model also includes a 5 x optical zoom and Dual Image Stabalisation; keeping your images rich with crispness and definition even from longer distances. This Samsung camera comes with 3 shutter speeds to produce quality images in various light conditions. There are various auto focusing and flash options to capture your perfect image. This MV800 camera is equipped with an adjustable 3" LCD screen that can be moved between 0 and 180 degrees to ease viewing and framing your pictures. This makes it possible to get perfect family and self portraits, and makes taking shots above or below the subject much easier and produces better results. This display allows you to be creative with your images by adding Magic Frames and Smart Filter effects using Smart Touch 3.0 software. The Live Panorama function takes panoramic images that can be viewed on screen to ensure you have your perfect shot of your view. The camera also features video recording and playback via HDMI output and a storyboard option for getting creative and adding personal touches.

  • 16.1 megapixel CCD Image sensor
  • 5 x optical zoom
  • Dual Image Stabalisation
  • Schneider Lens
  • Adjustable 3" LCD screen
  • 3 Shutter speeds
  • Magic Frames
  • Smart Filter
  • Smart Touch 3.0 software
  • Live Panorama function
  • HDMI output
  • USB 2.0
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