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The Samsung Digimax L85 has most of the features of a modern digital camera.

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Attractive retro styling

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Image quality is decent and very sharp

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HDMI accessory is useful

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No anti-shake feature

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The Samsung Digimax L85 has most of the features of a modern digital camera in a case that pays homage to cameras of the past with its retro styling. On the outside the retro-finish is composed out of rubberized grip for better handling, with the Schneider-Kreuznach lens offers 5x optical zoom. The equivalent 35mm camera focal length is 38-190mm. The internal CCD sensor captures images at 8.1 megapixels viewable on the camera's 2.5 inch LCD screen, however there is no optical viewfinder.

This camera features the standard automatic modes alongside manual modes that let you modify shutter and aperture speed. Exposure is adjusted in three fixed steps. An Auto Macro mode is available that captures images as close as 3.9 inches away while Super Macro mode supports pictures of objects at 0.4 inches. A special Motion Capture mode records 30 images over a short time frame for photographing action sequences such as a golf swing.

The L85 can film videos at 30fps at VGA resolution. Videos are stored in mpeg4 format with only memory card capacity limiting their length.

A camera dock accessory is available, with remote, that includes an HDMI output port for viewing your photos and videos on an HDMI-compatible television set. The dock connects to your computer over USB, and recharges the internal lithium-ion battery at the same time.

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