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It is designed for business, able to handle between 50 and 100 cups a day and claims to have a low learning curve.

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Makes great-tasting coffee very quickly as it's designed for high-yield use.

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Lots of adjustable settings--grind level, dose level, water temperature.

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Very easy to use--just use the LCD interface to set optimal settings and press start.

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Grinder is really quiet--can be used in the morning without waking anybody else up.

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Self-clean rinse cycle works really well, saves time.

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Not great for personal use because it needs to be cleaned consistently even for low-yield use.

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Takes the steam wand a bit of time to warm up fully.

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 The Saeco Royal Professional is designed for business, able to handle between 50 and 100 cups a day and claims to have a low learning curve which would make it great for businesses with a high employee turnover. With a push button and LCD interface, the Saeco Royal Professional expresso machine grinds whole beans, doses, tamps and extracts the espresso along with a golden crema. The grinder is able to be bypassed for preground coffee and after the coffee is brewed the used coffee grounds are automatically placed in an internal dump box. The machine is programmable and customizable, and also includes an Aroma system which works to get the maximum flavor from all coffee.

  • Adjustable coffee spout
  • 50-100 cups a day
  • Low learning curve
  • LCD interface
  • Internal Dump box
  • Programmable
  • Aroma system
  • Bon-Temp heating surface
  • Adjustable temperature control
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05/12/2013 02:56

Took machine apart, cleaned the burrs and chute. Al the instructions I've looked at just say to reassemble in reverse order. That's all good but how do you set the ring adjustment. One place said to turn until the blue coincides with one of the 3 notches then turn until the reds coincide. I have blue and green on both my machines and I don't know what 3 notches they are referring to. I found the directions once before and after you tighten the ring as far as it will tighten you then back it off a number of clicks---does anyone know how many clicks? I have a little general store and serve specialty coffee but need my machine up and running. Thanks a lot.



06/14/2013 09:55

have you resolved this issue? I just rebuilt one. the green paint mark on the outer ring needs to point to the 11 o clock position when looking from the side with the door(should be close to pointing to a screw), you start with the painted mark close to the 6 o clock position, you dont rotate past 360 degrees. once you have this aligned, attach the adjustment handle to the #4 setting on the grinder.

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