The Rossignol S80 Freeride is a high-end set of freeride skis.

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The Rossignol S80 Freeride is a high-end set of freeride skis. This ski is geared toward intermediate to professional skiers. The S80 Freeride ski has the Amptek profile (which consists of a reverse camber on the tip and tail), which means this ski has improved float on powdered snow compared to previous models, as well as improved turn capability. Thanks to the titanium laminates of the S80 Freeride, you can get lots of grip on hard packed snow. The wood core of this ski provides a sturdy feel to your run. This ski differs from the closely related S7 Freeride in that it has zicral reinforcement (as opposed to the S7's kevlar/carbon), a freeride tip (as opposed to the S7's powder shape), and smaller rockers and radius. Another difference is that while the S7 is 100% devoted to powder, the S80 is only 40%. This ski also differs from the S86 model, in that the S86 is 50% devoted to powder, has a larger tip rocker (245 as opposed to the S80's 225) and radius (14.3 meters as opposed to the S80's 14.1 meters). This ski differs from the flagship S97 model in that the S97 has a large 22.2 meter radius. There are size options available for the Rossignol S80 Freeride ski.

  • Amptek profile
  • Tip rocker: 225
  • Tail rocker: 170
  • Camber: 15
  • 14.1 meter radius
  • Sizes: 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185
  • 40% powder
  • Fibro/metal structure
  • Wood core
  • Zicral reinforcement
  • Freeride tip shape
  • Minicap design
  • Titanium laminates
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