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The Rossignol S7 Freeride is a high-end set of freeride skis.

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good carving ability through groomers and hardpack

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landings are solid and stable, feel secure

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fairly light weight, easy to carry up the hill

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smooth ride over bumps, plows through crud

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great floatation over deep powder

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tend to loose a lot of traction if it gets too icy

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scratch up easily, not ideal for taking through the trees

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The Rossignol S7 Freeride is a high-end set of freeride skis. This ski is geared toward intermediate to professional skiers, and designed to take on 10% piste territory and 90% off-piste. The S7 Freeride ski has the Amptek profile (which consists of a reverse camber on the tip and tail), which means this ski has improved float on powdered snow (compared to previous models), as well as improved turn capability. The Reverse sidecut technology of this ski consists of a spatula tip and pin tail with regular sidecut directly under the foot, which aids in this ski's maneuverability. The wood core and kevlar/carbon reinforcement of the S7 Freeride make for a stable, sturdy run. This ski differs from the closely related S80 Freeride and S86 Freeride in that they have zicral reinforcement (as opposed to kevlar/carbon), a freeride tip (as opposed to a powder shape), and smaller rockers and radius. Another difference is that while the S7 Freeride is geared completely toward powder freeriding, the S80 Freeride is only 40% devoted to powder and the S86 is 50%. This ski differs from the flagship S97 model in that the S97 has a large 22.2 meter radius (for wider turns). There are size options available for the Rossignol S7 Freeride ski.  

  • Amptek profile
  • Reverse sidecut technology
  • 10% piste, 90% off-piste
  • Tip rocker: 450
  • Tail rocker: 390
  • Camber: 8
  • 140-110-118 sidecut
  • 14.8 meter radius
  • Sizes: 166, 176, 188
  • 100% powder
  • Hardcore structure
  • Wood core
  • Kevlar/carbon reinforcement
  • Powder tip shape
  • Sandwich design
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