The Rossignol S5 JIB is a mid-cost freeride ski.

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The Rossignol S5 JIB is a mid-cost freeride ski. Rossignol promotes the S5 JIB as being able to perform on lots of different kinds of terrain. The JIB tip of this ski is shorter and more round than traditional ski tips, a design that reduces inertia on turns and jumps. The elastomer construction of this tip helps with shock absorption. The core of this ski is all one type of wood, which helps to give it a consistent, solid feel. This ski is a step up from the lower cost S4 JIB in that it has a HARDCORE structure (which offers a more solid feel), basalt reinforcements (which give the board more integrity), and is geared toward backcountry skiing (whereas the S4 JIB is made only for park and mountain). The S5 JIB differs from the higher cost S3 Freeride in that it lacks the S3 Freeride's AmpTek system (which allows you to ski on powder with ease), and the S3 Freeride has a powder tip as opposed to the JIB tip. There are size options available for the Rossignol S5 JIB freeride ski.

  • Size options
  • Will Barras graphic
  • Tip rocker: 195
  • Weight Reduction System
  • Tail rocker: 170
  • 50% park/50% backcountry
  • 126-96-119 sidecut
  • Camber: 15
  • Radius: 20.8m
  • 50% powder
  • HARDCORE structure
  • Wood core
  • Basalt reinforcements
  • JIB tip
  • Minicap shape
  • FKS 140 XXL Black
Size Options
  • 171
  • 178
  • 185
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