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The Rossignol S1 JIB is a lower mid-cost set of freeride skis.

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excellent around the park, maneuverable and with great pop

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smooth ride over most rough terrain, will plow through crud and stay stable over bumps

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fairly light weight, won't wear you out carrying them

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easy to make long, wide turns with barely any effort

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hold up well to heavy riding, don't chip or scratch up

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solid and stable landings, good shock absorption

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not enough stiffness for high-speed carving

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The Rossignol S1 JIB is a lower mid-cost set of freeride skis. Rossignol promotes this ski as being able to take on lots of different kinds of terrain. The core of this ski is all one type of wood, for a consistent, solid feel. The JIB tip of the S1 JIB is a short, rounded tip that reduces inertia on turns and jumps. The elastomer construction of this tip helps with shock absorption. The 110-80-103 sidecut of this board allows you to make wide turns with ease. This ski is a step down from the higher cost S4 JIB in that it lacks the S4 JIB's WRS (Weight Reduction System), which makes the S4 JIB extra lightweight. There are size options available for the Rossignol S1 JIB freeride ski.

  • Freeride design
  • Size options
  • 50% park/50% mountain
  • Squindo graphics
  • ROSSICAP twin
  • Tip rocker: 160
  • Tail rocker: 150
  • 110-80-103 sidecut
  • MONOCORE structure
  • Wood core
  • JIB tip
  • Cap shape
Size Options
  • 138
  • 148
  • 158
  • 168
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12/23/2010 07:48

I had some nice all mountian Rossi's and this year decided to hit the park. Bought these bad boys and they work great real smoot skis and are pretty light. 9/10

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