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The Rossignol Avenger 76 Carbon is a mid to high cost all mountain ski.

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good response to small movements, don't need to work it too hard

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easy to turn in at both low and high speeds

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solid stable feel over crud and changing surfaces

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easy enough to handle for beginners

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lightweight build fairly easy to lug around

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maintain contact with the snow easily, even over bumps

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lacks the hardcore carving ability of skis targeted at more advanced skiers

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The Rossignol Avenger 76 Carbon is a mid to high cost all mountain ski. Rossignol promotes this ski as being able to take on 90% of piste mountain territory. The IPS H concave shape of the Avenger 76 Carbon allows to apply force on the sidewalls directly, which results in optimal grip. The hollow center of this ski makes for improved inertia and weight (compared to previous models). The 3D Vibration Absorption System (VAS) of this ski consists of elastomers at the tip and tail of the ski, which add stability to your run. The TPI2 (Twin Pulsion Integral) binding system incorporates a composite beam, and allows for tool-free mounting and adjustment. This ski differs from the higher cost Avenger 76 TI in that it has a 13.5 meter radius (instead of the TI's 15 meter radius), and in that the Avenger 76 TI has titanal reinforcement instead of carbon. There are size options available for the Rossignol Avenger 76 Carbon all mountain ski.

  • Mountain design
  • 127-76-108 sidecut
  • 13.5m radius
  • Sizes: 154, 162, 170, 176
  • 90% piste
  • Wood core
  • Fiberglass/metal outer
  • 3D VAS
  • Carbon reinforcement
  • Bumper double metal tip
  • IPS H concave
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03/06/2011 03:01

Does it turn for beginners?

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