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The Rossignol Avenger 74 Composite is a mid-cost all mountain ski.

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nice pop makes it easy to get a little air off natural features

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easy for beginners to control, just moves when you lean a little

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good carving ability at medium speeds

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very light, easy to carry around, won't pull down on you on the lift

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smooth ride over bumps and obstacles

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handles moguls really well, doesn't catch on the edge

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lacks the carving power of stiffer, heavier skis at high speed

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The Rossignol Avenger 74 Composite is a mid-cost all mountain ski. This ski is geared toward beginner to intermediate skiers. The AutoTurn feature of this ski allows you to instantly adapt to terrain and snowy conditions. AutoTurn consists of a deep sidecut (120-74-110) and reverse cambers on each end, offering lots of grip and maneuverability. There are also elastomers on either end of the Avenger 74 Composite (the Vibration Absorption System), which add stability and comfort to your run. The TPI2 binding system incorporates a composite beam to avoid being intrusive, and allows for tool-free mounting and adjustment. This ski differs from the higher cost Avenger 74 Carbon in that it has a 13.5 meter radius (as opposed to the Carbon's 15 meter radius), and has composite reinforcement instead of carbon. The Rossignol Avenger 74 Composite has size options.

  • Axium 110S TPI2 bindings recommended
  • 80% frontside 20% backside
  • AutoTurn
  • VAS technology
  • 13.5m radius
  • 120-74-110 sidecut
  • TPI2 binding system
  • Tip rocker: 290
  • Tail rocker: 190
  • Sizes: 150, 156, 166, 176
  • 100% piste capable
  • Fiberglass outer
  • Wood core
  • Bumper tip shape
  • CAP shape
  • Composite reinforcement
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