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The Roost Smart Battery for smoke alarms transforms your smoke or carbon monoxide alarm into a smart home device.

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The Roost Smart Battery for smoke alarms transforms your smoke or carbon monoxide alarm into a smart home device -- just like that. With the same form factor as a conventional 9-volt battery, the Roost Smart Battery works with existing alarms to upgrade the safety and convenience of your home. This is not your average 9V battery.

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  • Alerts your smartphone if alarm sounds
  • No more 3 AM chirps. Notifies you before battery runs out
  • Share alerts with friends, family and emergency contacts with free app
  • Replaceable battery lasts 5+ years
  • Installs in less than 5 minutes. No tools or wireless hubs needed
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Alarm notifications delivered wherever you are.

Not all emergencies happen when you’re home. Including fires. With Roost installed, you'll receive emergency alerts on your smartphone – no matter where you are.

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No more 3 AM chirp!

Roost tells you when the smoke alarm’s batteries are running low, so you can take action to avoid those dreaded middle-of-the-night interruptions. The next time it’s 3 AM, you can rest assured you’ll be resting.

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Friends and family monitoring

Invite friends, family and emergency contacts to monitor your alarms for increased peace-of-mind. View who's nearby during an emergency.

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Snooze your alarm

Silence your alarm from your phone during false alarms or the times when you burn the toast. Works with select 9V-only alarms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to notify your phone? specifically a phone that is not connected to the same lan/wifi that the roost is on.

    Between 20-30 seconds.

  • Is there any way to preemptively snooze the alarm?

    It is not a reliable method to snooze. At my testing, the snooze worked at times, but some other times it failed.

  • Does Roost work in hardwired smoke detectors in building with multiple smoke detectors on the same circuit, all of which sound if one is triggered?

    The Roost Smart Battery will work in all alarms that presently use a common 9v battery. This includes both a "battery powered alarm" as well as an "AC-powered alarm with battery back-up".

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