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The Roku Streaming Stick is Roku's attempt at making your Smart TV smarter, without the added box.

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Inexpensive way to add premium streaming to an compatible TV

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Formfactor keeps your home theater setup clean without added wires or cabling.

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WiFi enabled out of the box.

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Many free and premium channels available (HBO, Hulu, Netflix Pandora, MLB.TV)

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Small and portable, allowing you to take streaming on the road very easily

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Inexpensive access to Roku content

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Maintains all the newest software, making your SmartTV always up to date.

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MHL-Enhanced ports are still only in the proposal stage.

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Needs an MHL-Enhanced port to work

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Not available until second half of 2012

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Roku streamers are already pretty small. Are people that averse to cables?

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Seems like a bit of a hack considering the new wave of true Google/Apple powered smart TVs on the horizon

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The Roku Streaming Stick is Roku's attempt at making your Smart TV smarter, without the added box. It connects to your TV through an MHL-enhanced HDMI port. MHL-enhanced HDMI ports are the newly proposed standard for all new TVs. The ports will power any device that's plugged in. This is an interesting choice for Roku as you'll essentially need a new TV to use the streaming stick, so it's hard to see where the advantage comes in. This will appeal to people who want to keep their home theater setups clean, without a lot of extra "boxes", while allowing them to keep up to date on new streaming software that comes out.

Roku's real advantage with the Streaming Stick will come with travelers who want to keep their Hulu and Netflix streams readily available while on the road. The caveat, of course, that hotel TVs will be upgraded to include the MHL-enhanced port. It would be nice to carry around a small USB-thumbdrive-sized device around rather than a set-top box or watching on your laptop.

The Roku Streaming Stick won't be available until the second half of 2012 and should cost between $50 and $100.

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01/04/2012 02:33

I think this product is almost coming out too early. Everyone's going to be more than happy with their SmartTV's for the next 2 years. After 2 years? THAT's when they'll want enhancements that their software isn't keeping up with. Why would you buy this now? I'll give it to Roku though, it's a pretty slick device and if Apple had launched it, people would be drooling right now.

01/04/2012 01:50

This is interesting enough, however I don't think many people are going to bite on this one. Two reasons: 1) the MHL-enhanced port requirement, 2) the plethora of Google TVs launching this year starting with CES. I think this early, pre-CES announcement by Roku is a way to pre-empt some attention that will soon shift to the 10s or 100s of Google TVs and possible Apple iTV later in the year.

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