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The Roku 2 XD is one of three new Roku media streaming models.

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Good wireless range with the built-in adapter

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Power efficient, extremely low power consumption compared to devices such as DVRs

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Simple to setup, menus are intuitive, application setups are also simple (Netflix, amazon)

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Have a good selection of applications from Netflix and amazon video to various internet news sources

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No rewind/recall button on the remote, not convenient

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Buyers looking for apps on TV should look towards the Logitech Revue, with the price drop and Google Android OS, it is a far more capable device

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Buggy software, too many crashes, product seemed rushed (might well be fixed via future upgrades)

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No ethernet port, must use wifi

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They make you enter a credit card to activate, or call them to get a waiver on this.

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The Roku 2 XD is one of three new Roku media streaming models.  The XD is the second tier of media streamers that offers HDMI output while the $59.99 version, the HD is the basic version and the XS for $99.99 offers extra features and accessories such as a remote worth $29.99, a copy of Angry Birds and Ethernet and USB ports.  All of the new Roku models are smaller and with a sleeker design than their predecessor, energy efficient and offered at the same price-point.  The Roku XD has powerful new platform with upgraded Netflix including surround sound, subtitles and 1080p for a complete media and gaming experience.  The Roku XD also includes new channels, Epix, MLX and more in the package.  

  • Sleek New Design
  • Energy Efficient
  • 1080p Output
  • Works with Any TV
  • Netflix Upgrades
  • New Channels 
  • Powerful New Platform
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Remote Sold Separately 
  • 2 AAA Batteries Required (Included)
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