The Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-8RDS package is a high-end radar detector with scrambler.

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The Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-8RDS package is a high-end radar detector with scrambler. The radar detector component of this package has the same specs as the closely related RMR-8RD, but with the addition of a radar and laser scrambler (which prevents your vehicle from having a speed reading performed on it). Both radar detectors detect all radar bands (including X, K, Ka and Ku), with Micro-Scan adding improved POP radar detection. They also detect all laser speed devices. Both detectors have the Intelli-Voice feature (in English or Spanish) that will audibly warn you of red light cameras or speed traps coming up. The RMR-8RD and RMR-8RDS both have Adaptable Laser Tracking that will let you know where a laser is at all times, even when it is on the move. The scrambler component of the RMR-8RDS package has many features that are standard on Rocky Mountain's radar scramblers. It has a discreet remote installation, so that you can keep it hidden. It comes with a one year laser ticket rebate, which means that Rocky Mountain will pay for any laser or radar tickets you are issued while using the RMR8-RDS package within a year after purchase. The RMR8-RDS package offers 360 degree laser and radar detection and scrambling. This package comes with a one year warranty.

  • Package includes radar detector and scrambler
  • Scrambles all laser/radar
  • Detects all radar bands (including X, K, Ka, Ku and POP)
  • Detects all laser speed devices
  • Micro-scan
  • Intelli-Voice
  • Bi-lingual voice alerts (English or Spanish)
  • Adaptable Laser Tracking
  • Smart-Scan
  • One year warranty
  • Signal strength meter
  • Mute/AutoMute
  • Scrambler has discreet remote installation
  • 1 year laser/radar ticket rebate
  • 360 degree laser/radar scrambling
  • 360 degree laser/radar detection
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