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Heavily inspired by the mid-1900's "Film Noir" genre of Hollywood crime movies.

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puts you into the shoes of a real cop - judge people not only based on the facts, but how they act and what they say

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available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3

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shootouts and car chases keep things interesting

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open world Los Angeles - cruise around and explore, 40 action-oriented cases to break up the story / your regular case work

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work through 5 departments - each with a focus on a different type of crime

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impressive facial animation - captured by live performers

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unique gameplay never before seen

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cool time piece, tied into the events of that generation

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not available for the PC

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unsatisfying ending

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L.A. Noire is an action-adventure video game from the Rockstar Games company, developed in conjunction with Team Bondi and Rockstar Games. Heavily inspired by the mid-1900's "Film Noir" genre of Hollywood crime movies, this game feature a block-by-block representation of the city of Los Angeles circa 1947. Gamers assume the role of LAPD officer Cole Phelps (voiced by Aaron Staton), starting as a rookie patrolman and working their way up the ranks into homicide, forensics and arson departments. A multitude of different primary and secondary tasks are available within each of the five crime desks; all of which include a "partner" officer to help the player navigate and assess various situations. L.A. Noire also incorporates a number of different graphics technologies for optimal realism, building on industry-standard techniques with never-before-seen development engines for a truly modern gaming experience. LightSprint's real-time "Global Illumination" technology helps to improve the natural characteristics of light, making things like reflections, refractions and shadows much more believable. Depth Analysis' "MotionScan" technology has been used to drastically improve facial detailing amongst characters, using a series of 32 cameras to capture every possible viewing angle. 

  • Available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles 
  • Inspired by the "Film Noir" movie genre 
  • Five different playable LAPD crime desks 
  • 8 square-mile, block-by-block recreation of 1940's-era Los Angeles 
  • Lightsprint global illumination graphics technology
  • Multiple difficulty settings available 
  • Highly-realistic police investigation/interrogation component 
  • Depth Analysis MotionScan graphics technology
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