The Rockford Fosgate P500-2 is a middle-end car amplifier.

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The Rockford Fosgate P500-2 is a middle-end car amplifier. It features dynamic thermal management, and DSM technology. When compared to another car amplifier by Rockford Fosgate, the P400-2, the P500-2 has the exact same features; the only difference between them is the P500-2 is more powerful, using a total of 500 watts, whereas the P400-2 can only use up to 400 watts. With more power, the P500-2 can play audio at a louder volume than the P400-2, and when combined with other features of the amp (such as DSM technology) the quality of the sound itself becomes superior to the P400-2, as more power is being outputted more efficiently. The dynamic thermal management system allows the amplifier to function to its maximum potential. It manages to do this by evenly distributing the excess heat of the amp across a heatsink that spans almost the entire motherboard. This removes heat more efficiently, and reduces distortion to provide clearer audio. The P500-2 also features DSM technology, which makes the circuits work more efficiently. It achieves this by taking advantage of it's 1% tight-tolerances, which decreases cross-talk from other discrete components, and lowering the operating temperature.

  • Dynamic thermal management
  • DSM technology
  • 500 watt power
  • Differential inputs
  • MEHSA3 technology
  • NOMAD technology
  • Punch EQ2 technology
  • Rockford Fosgate Avatar
  • TRANS-ana technology
  • MOSFET technology
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