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The Rockford Fosgate P200-2 is a low-end car amplifier.

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doesn't draw too much power from the battery

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can power all the speakers in a car including the subwoofer if you set it up right

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makes the most of the wattage it uses, ends up sounding like its much louder

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small build profile, fits in anywhere you have a little space

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can work with a number of speaker configurations

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setup is very simple, hooks up quickly and easily

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only a basic power output possible, won't shake the neighborhood

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The Rockford Fosgate P200-2 is a low-end car amplifier. It is designed to amplify sound inside of the users automobile. It features differential inputs, and TRANS-ana technology. The differential inputs of the P200-2 eliminate noise picked up by signal cables. It achieves this by measuring the voltage of the positive and negative inputs, then subtracts what's left over (the noise). This enables only a clean signal to enter the amplifier, enhancing the sound quality greatly. The P200-2 also features TRANS-ana technology, which allows a signal to enter the amplifier at a lower voltage level, enhancing sound quality and increasing reliability. This technology works by simplifying the signal path of the amplifier. When compared to another car amplifier by Rockford Fosgate, the P300-2, the P200-2 has many of the same features, but lacks certain others, such as Punch EQ2 technology.

  • Differential inputs
  • TRANS-ana technology
  • MEHSA technology
  • NOMAD technology
  • Rockford Forsgate Avatar
  • MOSFET technology
  • Stealth connections
  • Thermal sensing
  • Aux outputs
  • Infrasonic filter
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