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The R1 is built with open source architecture allowing you print with tons of materials in the marketplace.

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The R1 is built with open source architecture allowing you print with tons of materials in the marketplace: PLA, ABS, Wood PLA, Stainless Steel PLA, Carbon Fiber PLA, Nylon, HIPS, Rubber (Ninjaflex), and more! The possibilities are endless.

Whether you want to make prototypes of your next idea, household items, customized or personalized pieces, the R1 ROBO 3D Printer is versatile in doing it all. You have the power to be a maker. Let your imagination run wild.

The R1 3D Printer comes complete with 3D printing software to allow you to take objects you have made in any CAD program and upload them to print. You can also download files from the web at and print them quick and easy.

Use any 3D CAD program out there. We recommend Google Sketchup or TinkerCad because they are absolutely free and will help you start designing quickly and easily so you can 3D print your creations.

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  • Fabricates parts up to 8 x 9 x 10 inches (H x W x D) in size or 720 cubic inches in volume
  • Prints layers up to a maximum resolution of 100 microns
  • Fabricates parts using 1.75-mm ABS, PLA, t-glase, laywood, HIPS, and flexible filament (sold separately)
  • The R1 ROBO 3D Printer has an all metal hot end allowing you to print with numerous different materials
  • Heated print bed prevents uneven cooling and warping of printed parts
  • Automatic calibration and bed leveling ensures precise prints
  • The R1 has no 3D printed components in it and is constructed by amazing engineers that focus on linear motion and long lasting quality
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Choking Hazard -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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Every R1 3D Printer comes complete with a 6 months part replacement warranty. If anything goes wrong with the machine components, will replace them free of charge.

24/7 Support Customer Service. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the one for sale now have the upgraded, all metal hot end?

    The R1 is the latest and greatest version. It does have the all metal Hot End.

  • Does the included software natively support 3ds or obj files, or offer some way to convert from them?

    .stl is the standard file format that can be used.

  • Does the included software allow for the designing of new parts?

    No, but there are many programs free online which can let you.

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