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The Blackberry Curve (technical name: Blackberry 8300) is a more consumer friendly addition to the Blackberry lineup.

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Full QWERTY keyboard makes for easy texting/emailing

12 agree

Thin and small profile

7 agree

Lightest blackberry with full keyboard

5 agree

Newest model offers built-in gps

5 agree

Flash camera is useful

4 agree

Media playback is better than other Blackberries

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Voice Notes Recorder

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No Wi-Fi

7 agree

Poor web browser software

5 agree

No 3G support makes for slow web browsing

5 agree

No video recording capabilities

4 agree

GPS is not available unless you pay $15 more (at least if you have Verizon). Lame, lame, lame.

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No way to focus the camera

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The Blackberry Curve (technical name: Blackberry 8300) is a more consumer friendly addition to the Blackberry lineup. A 2 megapixel camera with flash, extensive media (movies and audio) playback capabilities, and all the usual productivity features Blackberries are known for are all included in the Curve. Some people view the Curve as the multimedia version of the Blackberry 8800.

Similar to the 8800 the Curve features a 2.5" screen with a resolution of 320x240 which is comparable to media players such as the iPod Video. Also similar to the 8800, the Curve features a full QWERTY (that is: same button layout as a computer) keyboard. Other features include a microSD slot for more storage, and Bluetooth 2.0 support for stereo headsets. Menu navigation occurs with the now standard Blackberry trackball. Transferring movies, music and other files is done through the included software application which performs some movie conversion to get the proper format.

  • BlackBerry 8300 - Base model
  • BlackBerry 8310 - adds GPS functionality to the base model
  • BlackBerry 8320 - adds WiFi functionality to the base model
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12/31/2010 11:05

i think his phone is very good its ok looking and the flash comes in very useful so i dont have an problems with it .

Thomas Nelson
11/05/2010 02:16

For as many reasons as I could say that I love my Blackberry Curve 8300, I can find another reason to hate it. I have always taken reasonable care of any phone I have had, but I am now looking at possibly having to get the 4th one in 2 years. So far every one of these that I have owned ends up going berserk. It starts with the roller-ball beginning to fail, then leads to having to pull the battery out, letting it sit for about 5 min and turning it on, just to get it going. It is truly irritating when you are waiting for an important phone call, and realize that the thing has shut itself down and refuses to start again until you do the steps listed above.

06/25/2008 02:41

Not sure why one of the CONS listed is "NO Video Camera", the 8300 has one built in at default recording rate of 240x176 or MMS mode 176x144.

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