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RIM has released its latest in the Blackberry family, the Blackberry 8800.

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Excellent GPS system.

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Larger screen than the Pearl

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Long battery life.

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Great messaging (Blackberry's core competency)

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Push-to-talk feature

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No WiFi or 3G network support

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Fairly large and can be awkward to hold

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No camera

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RIM has released its latest in the Blackberry family, the Blackberry 8800. Improving on the Pearl, the 8800 features a full QWERTY keyboard, a 320x240 screen, and is  slightly thinner. Rounding out the features include the trackball navigation system, GPS /w maps, multimedia, expandable microSD, and voice activated dialing (VAD). All of this is bundled along with the features you've come to expect from a Blackberry: browser, text-messaging, and, of course, mobile phone services. The 8800 will cost you approximately $300 with a 2 year contract.

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12/23/2007 01:58

I was teeny-tiny inches (as opposed to regular inches) away from getting one of these guys.
But then I realized; that would be the worst idea ever.
I see myself now, curled in a fetal position on the bathroom floor, tic-tappy-clickin away until my bank account runs dry.
The Internet sucks time! Tis a black hole of despair and silly games!

08/13/2007 04:49

I have had it for 3 weeks now. It's a sensational device, and I am very happy with it. The battery life is great and the GPS works very well. It's very very easy to use too. This was a nice surprise as it is my first blackberry.

07/06/2007 01:29

I think this is going to be my next phone. Well, the 8830 version. But I feel I am compromising my morals to buy a device without wi-fi. How awful! Other that I'm excited to get my shiny new pocket computer (with a 4gig microSD card added), while at the same time apprehensive about making the leap to being fully 'tethered' 24/7.

04/06/2007 04:13

even though this product looks big, i still want this crackberry.

03/31/2007 10:21

I don't understand how they can get away with not supporting 3G or WiFi. It's a wireless device for crap's sakes.

02/14/2007 11:46

As a business device, Id rather RIM continue to focus on what they are good at; creating SLICK business devices and adding small features one at a time (The Pearl.. mp3 player, camera).  I have had the Blackberry 7250 for almost 2 years now, and I LOVE IT, its rugged and the keyboard is by far the greatest feature on the device. Its not just any keyboard, its the feeling that the keys have that no other device can match (Even better than the most broken in Q Keyboard). I say leave the fancyness to Mr. Fancy Pants Jobs and the cheap computer illiterate crew of followers that love the i*.* type devices. I am Pro Blackberry, and Blackberry For LIFE.

02/13/2007 11:51

RIM definitely needed to get something out fast to compete with the buzz of the iPhone. You're looking at about half the price, for a similar feature set albeit not as slick and fancy.

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