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Facilitates the use of other electronic devices, specifically "smart" devices for use at home.

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Revolv's Smart Home Solution facilitates the use of other electronic devices, specifically "smart" devices for use at home. This includes a range of wireless devices, including thermostats, speakers, locks, lights, sensors, and outlets. The selling point is that a smartphone app allows users to control the synced devices from anywhere that they have an Internet connection. It can also control such devices based on triggers, such as time of day, GPS location of the smartphone, or other presets. The basic use of this product entails placing the hub at a central location in the user's home (it need not be connected via an ethernet cable), and then using the smartphone app to connect devices. Many different brands with different interfaces can be synchronized through the use of this product. Purchasers should investigate the company website to determine if a given product is compatible with this one.

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  • Works with product gateways and bridges to connect devices
  • Create custom triggers
  • Quick setup of Smartphone App and Wi-Fi Hub (Ethernet not required)
  • No monthly service or subscription fees
  • Communicates via 7 different wireless protocols
  • Free (and necessary) iOS app
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What’s in the Box?

  • Evolv Smart Home Solution (Hub & iOS App)
  • Power Cable
  • Free Lifetime Subscription
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this support or integrate with Simplisafe Alarm systems?

    We're working on alarm systems now, and we've been prioritizing our development based on feedback from our beta testers. Our website will be updated in the next 2 weeks to allow you to vote on your favorite devices so we can hear from users like you how to prioritize the most popular ones first. Please feel free to vote for Simplisafe on our site in a couple of weeks!

  • I use a Belkin WeMo switch to turn on my Hue lights using IFTTT. However, there is a noticeable delay (maybe 10 seconds). Will Revolv do this faster?

    Latency for both Belkin Wemo switches and Philips hue lights using our Revolv "Actions" is typically about 1 second. Once all of your devices are added and visible in the Revolv App, they can start interacting with each other based on "Actions" you create. These Actions can range from a "Bedtime" button that locks your doors, turns off the lights and shuts down all of the WeMo outlets, to a "Coming Home" scenario that adjusts your thermostat 5 miles out, and turns on your porch lights and unlocks your front door as you pull into the driveway. You can set your smart home devices to conveniently and simultaneously perform a variety of Actions in just a few seconds via your iOS device. There are four fully customizable options: Manual Actions: Setup and schedule specific activities to occur by pressing a single button in your Revolv App. Time-Triggered Actions: Schedule certain smart devices to operate according to a preset, time-and-day-specific schedule. GeoSense Actions: Coordinate home device functions to coincide automatically when you are nearing or leaving your home using your smartphone's geo-location. Sensors Actions: Create Actions to activate by way of motion sensors, both inside and outside.

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