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Features a revolutionary cutting system that delivers our closest ever one-pass shave.

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The XF8550 Remington smart edge advanced foil shaver features a revolutionary cutting system that delivers our closest ever one-pass shave. But you won't have to sacrifice comfort for closeness-the waterproof wet-tech design gives you options to find your most comfortable shave. It works with gel and foam or as a traditional dry shaver, and you can even use it in the shower. Plus, this rechargeable shaver runs on a lithium battery that drives maximum torque and power to the motor for a consistent shaving performance every time. Experience the impressive features within the Remington smart edge and see for yourself what makes a great shave.

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  • Active hybrid technology- the smart edge combines the best parts of foil and rotary shaving into one system
  • Lithium power- the advanced chemistry of lithium power delivers 50 minutes of runtime after a 2-hour charge or enough power for one shaving session after a 5-minute quick charge
  • Accu-cut blades- the specially designed cutting system features stainless steel open-arched blades that reduce noise and vibration to provide a pleasant shaving experience
  • LiftLogic Foil - The inner foil features a multi-directional pattern that lifts hairs from all angles for a quick and easy shave
  • PivotAssist Plus - Seamless pivoting action allows the shaver head to stay close to your face around the chin, neck, and jawline
  • ComfortTrim Detailer - A pop-up trimmer on the back of the shaver is ideal for detailing facial hair and side burns
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  • What do the led light(s) indicate? how many and what color lights?

    The LED light flashes when the battery is low

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