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The Reebok 9K Sickick III Stick is a composite hockey stick.

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Visually appealing

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Puck will really "pop" off the stick

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Well Balanced- Strategically placed weights at the top of the shaft improves feel

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Dimples on the blade help guide the pucks trajectory

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Lacks the durability of other sticks in the price point

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The Reebok 9K Sickick III Stick is a composite hockey stick. Like every stick in this line, this stick has Dual Matrix Technology, a spring loading effect at the kick point, which makes for a quick release. The  9K Sickick III Stick is equipped with Guided Blade Technology, which consists of dimples on the blade that help guide the puck trajectory and increase stiffness for more shot power. This stick has Griptonite, which enhances stick control and quickens reaction speed. This stick is a step up from the lower cost 8K Sickick III in that it has an ultra light weight (for even more speed than the 8K Sickick III Stick's super light weight), Optibalance feature (which consists of strategically integrated weight at the top of the shaft for improved balance and a live feel), and Spear technology (a low connection point for improved energy transfer). There are model variations available for the 9K Sickick III Stick, which vary in price.

  • Model variations
  • Dual Matrix Technology
  • Guided Blade Technology
  • Griptonite
  • Lightweight construction
  • Spear technology
  • Optibalance
  • Ultra light weight
  • Color: Black/White
  • Blade options: P33 Datsyuk, P40 Hedman, P87A Crosby, P42 Duchene (for Senior model only), P36A Phaneuf (for Senior model only)
Model Variations
  • Youth - $49.99, 35 flex  
  • Junior - $139.99, 50 flex  
  • Intermediate - $174.99, 65 flex
  • Senior - $179.99, choice of 75/85/100 flex  
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